Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Easy DIY Tutorial for Floral Hairclips

In the first of our Easy DIY Tutorials, we show you how to make some super-fast hair slides, perfect for giving as inexpensive gifts, as prizes for little girls’ parties or even a goodie bag filler.
You don’t need many materials and certainly don’t need any skills or lots of time to spare, so follow our easy step by step tutorial and you’ll have unique hair pins made from scratch in just a few minutes. You could even do this crafty task with a child, and involve them in the making of gifts for classmates and friends.

Then we chose some flat-backed cabochons; we have a wide selection, but thought the vintage Japanese rose cabochons were really pretty and sure to appeal to girls of all ages.
It’s important you choose something with a flat back or the cabochon won’t adhere to the pin correctly.

Now choose your adhesive. We like Evostick ‘Serious Glue’ as it dries clear and has a gummy, texture which allows you to reposition. It holds fast in a few minutes, but it does say to allow 24 hours for it to be completely set. An alternative, very similar glue is the silicone based E3000.

Squeeze a small amount of glue onto the reverse of your cabochons, then place the hair pin onto the glue, allowing it to squidge out just around the edges of the pin base. This will dry around the edge and give extra strength to the pin.

Be sure to ensure the rose cabochons are placed correctly, and in the same position on both pins.

Wait until the glue is completely set, then package your hairclips ready to gift. We like to slide them onto a small card – a nice quality plain white card or thick brown kraft card would be nice, or something relevant to the occasion such as a small thank you or birthday card.