Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Frida Fever

The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo may have died in 1954, but her popularity has never waned. Since opening the MyVintageCharms shop on Etsy I've seen an incredible amount of Frida themed pieces I'd love to own; dolls, prints, jewelry, hairpieces and clothes - she really is the independent artist's choice for inspiration.

Some of my favourite Etsy finds are :

Papier Mache Frida Doll from BarbaraCharacters - this doll (not a good enough word to describe this piece of art) is just sensational.

A4 print from Little Frida's Dream - this unframed art is really pretty, and would be ideal for a little girl's bedroom wall.

Cushion from Chunchitos - chosen from a range of really cute Frida themed pieces - and the artist is actually from Mexico!

How awesome are these leggings?! By CaraCarmina

The MyVintageCharms shop has a changing selection of Frida Kahlo charms and trinkets, some one-off mixes that can't be repeated, and other charms and Mexican themed pieces that stay in stock.

An 8 piece vintage Frida Kahlo mix with an old red-eyed and top-hatted skull - my favourite piece!

This filigree brass and domed glass charm is perfect for making a necklace.

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